H.V.A.C. Water Treatment Programs

Pro Water Treatment is confident that we will meet or exceed the requirements and specifications recommended for your location’s water treatment year round.

We specialize in providing our customers “ALL INCLUSIVE” water treatment programs, which include all of the water treatment chemicals, all chemicals to be handled by Pro’s personnel, point of delivery and removal of empty chemical drums, all on site testing and field reporting, all test reagents used, and log books for each site.

Pro Water Treatment will provide the following information, as appropriate, and as needed:

  • Water chemistry reports.
  • Records of all service visits.
  • Recommendations for system improvement.
  • On-going evaluation of system needs.

Recommendation for system cleaning and main­ten­ance.

Side Stream Filtration

Clean cooling towers = saving on resources & $$$$


Legionella Testing & Risk Assessment

How to Minimize Legionella
The Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) has published a guideline, Best Practices for Control of Legionella, which provides details on Legionnaires’ disease, legionella bacteria, and methods for preventing contamination of cooling water systems.

The paper describes the conditions that promote legionella growth and then explains monitoring and testing procedures. Routine treatment and routine on-line disinfection are covered, followed by a step-by-step procedure for emergency disinfection. Recordkeeping is then touched on.

In summary, the CTI says that to minimize the proliferation of legionella, its consensus recommendations are:

  • Minimize water stagnation
  • Minimize process leaks into the cooling system that provide nutrients for bacteria
  • Maintain overall system cleanliness to minimize buildup of sediments that can harbor or provide nutri- ents for bacteria and other organisms
  • Apply scale and corrosion inhibitors as needed
  • Use high-efficiency mist eliminators on cooling towers
  • Control the overall microbiological population.

The complete paper is available at www.cti.org.

We are certified…

By the American Society of Sanitary Engineering International

Certified laboratory analysis

Special Pathogens Laboratory

The Legionella Experts

Cooling tower cleaning

Our cooling towers cleaning includes
disinfecting chemicals and legionella testing report.

Consulting Services

Broad consulting services taping in to AWT network of industry experts.

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