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Pro Water Treatment recently became an authorized dealer of Silver Bullet Treatment, which is a new technology in our field of industry.

About Silver Bullet:
Manufactures and markets its commercially available, proprietary water conditioning system that eliminates the use of traditional chemicals in cooling towers and reduces energy consumption and water use by generating hydrogen peroxide on-site.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods:
• Prevents biological growth, controls scale and corrosion (including existing scale)
• Reduces water use by 10-35%
• Increases energy efficiency
• Reduces maintenance and wear/tear of cooling towers
• Reduces the amount of hazardous chemicals in mechanical room

• Rents at comparable monthly cost to chemicals
• Once installed, the Silver Bullet System replaces the need for Hazardous Chemical Additives

Making the mechanical room a safe place to work...

Making the mechanical room a safe place to work…



Traditional Chemical Treatment:
• Transporting, storing, and handling of hazardous chemicals
• Scale and biological growth reduce heat transfer efficiency
• Biological growth can cause disease to spread into building
• Corrosion can permanently damage system

How the Silver Bullet Works:
• Air passed through the Silver Bullet Processor
• UV bulbs bombard O2 to create negatively charged O- ions
• Gas is bubbled into cooling tower’s water
• Ions combine with water to form H2O2
• H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) prevents biological growth
• Negatively charged H2O2 keeps calcium dissolved
• Keeping calcium dissolved prevents scale and allows increased cycles of concentration
• By increasing cycles of concentration, mineral content of water increases, thereby reduces corrosion






















Lowers Maintenance & Labor Costs:

• Minimizes labor required to clean towers (punching tubes) and chemical feed pumps
• Diminishes hard water scaling that can damage cooling towers
• Less time spent backwashing of filters
• Reduction or elimination of procurement & dispensation of toxic chemicals
• Extends equipment life

Simplicity in Design & Implementation:
• Scalable to any tower size
• Small footprint
• Operates with the flip of a switch
• Installation in <1 day
• Rental program
• No capital expenditure
• Nothing to own or maintain
• Service & warranties covered in rental agreement
• Requirements
– Electrical supply
– Accessible location
– Available drain (with filter)

Technical Specifications:
• Power
– 120 volt receptacle
– Approximately <100 watts
• Compressed (pumped) Air
– 12 L/min @ 3.5 psi through UV apparatus sleeves
• Silver Bullet Unit Sizing- Standard:2 sleeves, 400 – 2000 ton capacity, 40″H x 14″W x 6″D
– Small:1 sleeve, 50 – 400 ton capacity, 20″H x 14″W x 6″D
















What makes Silver Bullet “GREEN“?
• 80% of our customers require no added chemicals
• Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen
• Reduces water consumption
• Increases energy efficiency
• Contributes towards the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEEDS Certification Program
• May qualify for rebates from local municipality

The Silver Bullet “GREEN” solution demonstrates our vested interests in protecting the future of the environment and ensuring a sustainable water supply.